General Consulting & Direct Contact

Millennial understands the imperative nature of proper campaign strategy. From advocacy and public relations to coalition building and community and government outreach, our team takes a hands-on approach to position our clients for victory. When we take on a campaign project, we explore every resource at our disposal to develop a strategy that most readily facilitates success. Our goal is to not only convey our client’s message, but to ensure through our efforts that voters take notice. Under the direction of Millennial partner Alex Voetsch, one of the best general consultants in the country, our team provides top notch political campaign consulting as well as a full suite of direct mail, digital and direct contact tools. We were thrilled to recently guide Jumaane Williams to Citywide office in 2019, as well as play a role in flipping the NYS Senate in 2018. We utilize cutting-edge tools and targeting techniques to best deliver your message to voters. Whether you need to push an issue in the field through canvassing or petitioning a candidate onto the ballot, transmit your message via social media, advertise on TV or radio, or cement your agenda through direct mail, we offer comprehensive solutions for the largest and smallest of advocacy, corporate and political operations.
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Paid Media & Communications

Millennial provides direct media engagement as well as a full suite of digital messaging tools in order to ensure your campaign’s message is communicated properly. We also will serve in the capacity of spokesperson for advocacy groups and campaigns. We work with the best in the business to produce TV and radio spots that package our client’s message for distribution on all media platforms. We focus our efforts on digital advocacy and use tools like IP address targeting to ensure that the message reaches its intended targets. We are proud to have recently engaged in winning campaigns on behalf of Planned Parenthood, NYLCV, Friends of Pier 40 & NYIC.

Government Relations

We work with stakeholders and changemakers in order to transform the region and enact a bold vision based on sustainable development, job growth and family support. Under the direction of Millennial partner Jeff Guillot, our team provides government relations services native to Suffolk, Nassau & Westchester Counties as well as New York City and Albany. We have achieved tangible legislative victories on behalf of clients like Paid Family Leave Coalition, Lyft, Juul and The Long Island Power Authority. We offer the expertise you need to navigate this region flawlessly and ensure that your endeavors are successful.

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