General Consulting & Direct Contact

Millennial understands the imperative nature of proper campaign strategy. From advocacy and public relations to coalition building and community and government outreach, we take a hands- on approach to properly positioning our clients in the best light possible. When we take on a campaign project, we explore a variety of resources to ensure a strategy that most readily facilitates personal success. It is our goal to not only convey the message of our clients, but to ensure through our efforts that voters take notice. Your success is as important to us as it is to you. This division is lead by Partner Alex Voetsch

We utilize cutting edge tools and targeting techniques in order to best deliver your message to voters. Whether you need to push an issue by sending canvassers into the field, petition a candidate onto the ballot, transmit your message via social media, or hammer home your agenda via direct mail, we offer comprehensive solutions for the largest and smallest of advocacy, corporate and political operations.
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Government Relations

The nation suburbs must embrace change in order to survive. As a result, we work with stakeholders and change-makers in order to transform the region and enact a bold vision based on sustainable development, job growth, and family support. We specialize in direct contact with county, city, town, village and other local government projects in Long Island, the Hudson Valley, lead by partners Jeff Guillot and Alex Voetsch. We offer the expertise you need to navigate these regions flawlessly, and ensure that your endeavors here are successful.

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