August 26, 2015 Millennial Strategies

InnovateLI: Political Insight And Advocacy, Millennial Style

From: InnovateLI:

By GREGORY ZELLER // There had to be a better way.

That was the thinking shared by Jeff Guillot and Alex Voetsch. Both worked in political capacities – Guillot for a Manhattan-based consultancy and Voetsch for the New York State Democratic Lawyers Council, a voting-rights and election-protection advocate. And both felt constrained by their respective “establishment entities,” as Guillot put it.

They met as fellows of the New Leaders Council, a national nonprofit offering training and support for emerging leaders. The council focuses often on entrepreneurial thinking and early-stage talent, Guillot noted, and the fast friends decided to “carry that mantra and mindset” under their own flag.

“We decided we could do this better,” Guillot said, “and in a more innovative way.”

In February 2013, they launched Millennial Strategies, opening offices in Manhattan and Garden City, although the Long Island satellite orbited in April to LaunchPad Huntington. Guillot runs the Island office and Voetsch handles the city side; both counsel political candidates, advocacy groups and private businesses.

In addition to old-school direct-mail programs, the firm utilizes forward-thinking direct-contact operations – paperless canvassing is especially useful, Guillot noted – to promote candidates and influence opinions.

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