On November 9th 2016, the world awoke to the realization that innovations in the way we consume, analyze, and report is highly necessary.  As a direct reaction to this, Millennial Strategies brings to market a new method of analyzing public policy and electoral polling, aimed at maximizing accuracy and results.


We believe a multi-faceted approach is required in order to create a truly accurate sampling of a population group. Utilization of a singular method- be it live phones or automated call methods — will always under sample a certain segment of the population, notably young people and communities of color. Undersampling in any poll can lead to results that are improperly weighted, and yield less accurate conclusions.
Therefore, Millennial proposes utilizing a hybrid approach in both engagement and analysis when targeting populations and collecting polling results, When we engage a campaign or cause, we will employ multiple methods simultaneously in order to deliver the best results. This can include a combination of  Interactive Voice Response (IVR), SMS text messaging, or online social media based polling.  Employing a mix of these methods cost-effectively allows us to survey many more people than the poll requires in order to gain the most accurate sampling possible. From there a mix of self-reported, poll-generated, public voting, and private social media records can be used to yield a synthesize a properly weighted, actionable conclusion.

Wait, you are polling via text messages and social media? How does that work? 

Polling via SMS text messaging has proven to be a very effective method of targeting voters –  notably constituencies who are either:
  1. Highly smart phone reliant (Millennials/Gen-Z /lower income voters), or
  2. Folks for whom their cell phone is the primary way they consume data.

We now have the capacity to send multi-question polls with all of the features included in phone-based polls, in a format that a respondent can complete much faster than a call-based poll.

Using social media to put accurate polls in the field is even more exciting. We can target specific demographics (African American, Conservative Jewish, etc.), with specific political leanings (Very Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, etc.), and specific life styles (pro-climate change advocacy, pro-LGBTQ rights, anti-school choice, etc.) and even interests (sports, travel, food, etc.) via the Facebook Marketing API. Using the Twitter and LinkedIn API, we can target industries and their employees at various points in the corporate hierarchy, permitting various levels of anonymous and CRM-related interactions. As the back-end CRM data becomes robust, and cookied-browing can be tied to individual accounts, we can compare the past history and professed views with current actions, allowing us to foresee disconnects in polling data and in-real-life actions.

In short, Millennial’s plan is to be on the crest of the digital polling wave — as computing becomes more mobile, more personalized, and more integrated, so too will polling when Milllennial’s strategy is put into action.

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